Meet Naman Kamra

Founder of Heave AI.


Adapting to the next wave of technology

Naman started his Artificial Intelligence journey in 2011 and has since won thousands of dollars in awards for innovation with AI while helping numerous companies get closer to the future.

Looking at the next 20 years he sees the world transcend into a new era of technology where Artificial Intelligence does the heavy lifting in operations and customer experience, so businesses can focus on what’s important to them.

He is on a mission to help every organization on the planet seamlessly transition into this new era of technology by helping them adapt and grow.

Our Mission

Empower every organization on the planet to leverage the power of AI.

The next wave of technology is going to bring about an automation revolution, where machines will be smart enough to deal with common operations and be available for customers 24/7.

Companies that adapt to this wave will grow rapidly and those who don’t, won’t be able to keep up. Our mission is to help every company on the planet seamlessly transcend into the next wave of technology.

Our Service

Machines work for your customers 24/7

We believe that more than 93% of businesses in every industry are losing to their competition due to poor customer experience resulting from operational inefficiencies.

This triggers an anti-flywheel where you have. high costs - ineffient operations - poor customer experience - loss in business.

We want to help you reverse this. Low costs - efficient operations - Better customer experience - they tell their friends - your business grows.

We want to help companies build the best products and provide highest quality services. This triggers a chain of events where we elevate businesses who elevate their customers and that elevates mankind.

Our Philosophy

Customer Obsession.

What’s best for the customer is what’s best for your business. In everything we do we think for the customer.

Long Term Thinking.

We believe in building things that are future proof and will last you a lifetime.

High Standards.

We insist on highest quality standards. We’re proud of what we do and like to provide services of the highest value.

Keep it Simple.

The best ideas in the world are simple. We believe that complicated ideas perform poorly.

Lean and Mean.

We believe in turning your business into a lean and mean efficient machine.

Ready to take your business to the next level of automation?