7 Key categories for designing a good conversational AI.

by Naman Kamra

There are 7 key categories we need to look into when it comes to desigining good conversations with chatbots.

1. Personality

2. Onboarding

3. Understanding

4. Answering

5. Navigation

6. Error Management

7. Intelligence

Let's go through each of them one by one.


It's important that the chatbot has a personality that's upbeat and matches your brand. It should also have a clear tone of voice that fits with the users and with the ongoing conversation.


It's critical that users understand what the chatbot is about and how to interact with it to get what they want.


Requests, smalltalk, idioms, emojis that chatbot should be able to understand context and respond appropriately.


The bot should respond with relevant answers and guide the users through their journey without any friction.


The user should never feel lost while speaking to the bot. It should be capable of smoothly transferring over to a human if the customers don't find their answers.

Error Management

This is a big one. The bot should never hang or get into a loop where the users can clearly feel it's malfunctioned. It's poor user experience and will drive the users away.


It's also important it can manage context, remember things in the past and help the users accordingly

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